Over the past 17 years Singular Systems has worked very closely with many leading national and international companies and have built up some incredibly specialised software products which are available for purchase on a licence agreement.

Our team of financial and software development professionals together with our reputation for delivering world class solutions with our clients has allowed us to develop tools that have transformed entire industries.


Products A-Z


A reporting/data insights portal that allows a business to slice and dice data, create graphs and dashboards - all on the fly. 

Change Control

A system that allows clients to log queries/changes. Track changes and status updates in one place. 

CGT Express

Used by life insurance companies, asset managers and private wealth managers, the system is designed to optimise the needs of tax payers who realise gains and losses on financial instruments and have elected any of the permissible methods for determining base cost. 

Cosec Express

Cosec Express assists Company Secretarial departments in maintaining the company structures and its relevant stakeholders. As a result of having the shareholding stored in the database, Cosec Express generates the group organogram. 

DT Express

DT Express is a web based timesheet and billing engine. 


A resource for organisations wishing to share company board documents, company policies or other executive level documentation. It’s heavily encrypted, secure and can be remotely wiped should you lose your device. Annotate and make notes on the fly and store documents from multiple organisations all with a single log in. 

Event Express

Event management software tailored to the needs of corporate event planners or company secretaries that allows for integrated organisation of multiple invitational events including advanced RSVP reporting functionality.

Fica Express

A basic FICA document management system.

GL Express

GL Express is a multi-branch accounting package that offers full drill-down from any category in the financial reports to the underlying linked ledger accounts, which continues to the account and journal level. Financial reporting is GL Express’s greatest strength and allows the user to set up customised monthly reports.

HR Express

HR Express is used to track staff salaries, bonuses and promotions and to store other employee related documentation. 

Singular Systems have collaborated with their clients to develop a global IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss Provision software platform. 

Paper Express

Paper Express is a graphically driven warehousing, resource planning and distribution system covering all aspects of procurement, sales and stock control for local and foreign suppliers and clients.

OTC Express

This over-the-counter unlisted share trading platform offers companies a simple web-based bulletin board for investors to find one another and an efficient back-office infrastructure to process independently, bi-laterally negotiated, concluded transactions. This is ideal for any company that wants to enable their shares to be legally, freely and efficiently traded while remaining in the unlisted environment.

STARSS Express

Singular Tax and Revenue Submission System (STARSS Express) assists Regulated Intermediaries to submit Dividends Tax (DT) and IT3 disclosures to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). It also allows for the automated application of tax directives for Sh@reTrust clients.

Sh@re Trust

Sh@reTrust provides a multi-trust, multi-company, fully customisable share incentive management system which records allocations, sales and for features of financial instruments awarded to employees participating in a staff incentive scheme. 

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