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The Consulting division at Singular Systems helps our clients optimise their business processes. Our specialist consultants understand and have deep experience in assisting clients to create, fix or enhance their business processes, with specific focus on the journey from lead to invoice. Our decisions are guided by our extensive understanding and experience in each client’s business process and this allow us to advise and implement best fit solutions.


We do this by:

  • 1. Expertly analysing their existing business processes in place
  • 2. Modifying, replacing or enhancing processes, and adding new processes that support core business operations
  • 3. Establishing a best fit solution for implementation that will supports the processes as designed
  • 4. Automating processes where applicable by means of Robotics Process Automation

In collaboration with our clients, we establish solid, reliable and efficient business processes, according to industry standard methodology, by making use of cutting edge software technology.


Our core expertise lies in:

  • - Custom, flexible, bespoke software development
  • - Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite
  • - Robotic Process Automation


Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 we are able to build solution sets that can be reused in all of our projects as a base which can be adapted to clients requirements.

How does Singular optimise sales?

At the core of the Sales and Customer Division we specialize in the delivery of Business Process functionality on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform by helping customers to:

  • Empower their employees
  • Optimise their operations
  • Transform their products & services

How do we achieve the above?

  • CRM Sales (Grow your pipeline, track leads and manage customers)
  • CRM Service (Manage customers, improve responsiveness, react to market sentiment)
  • CRM Marketing (Attract the right leads and nurture them into long term customers)
  • CRM Finance (Integrate your sales and services business operations with your financial system, seamlessly)
  • CRM Operations (Run your business optimally)

 Transform your business processes now.